Rules and Regulations

  • All competitors must do the following on-line PRIOR to Race day: register, sign a waiver, pay.
  • All competitors must check in upon arrival and be present for the pre-race briefing.
  • All competitors within each team must travel within 50 feet of each other at all times (within 20 feet at each checkpoint) and remain within the state park boundaries.
  • No interference or alteration of the park’s flora and fauna is permitted.
  • No interference or alteration of the checkpoints is permitted.
  • No outside assistance is permitted.
  • No GPS device of any kind is permitted.
  • Every competitor must wear their provided race bibs/numbering at all times while they are competing.
  • Every competitor must attempt at least one smile during the race

There will be prizes for the top three teams, as well as the top all-girls team, the team with the best outfits, and the team from the farthest away.

The Adventure Race will take place (mild) rain or shine. In the event of extreme conditions, the Race will be postponed until Sunday, May 16th ~ Check in begins at 8:00am. Notification of postponement will be made available on this website by 5:00am Saturday morning.


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