About Teens To Trails


What is Teens To Trails?

Short Answer: Teens To Trails (T3) is promoting healthy lifestyles and environmental stewardship by engaging teens in the outdoors. It is T3’s goal to fight nature-deficit-disorder by directly supporting and training high school outing clubs. Find out more about this charitable non-profit at www.TeensToTrails.org.

Not-So-Short Answer:

Teens To Trails is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the opportunities for teens to experience the out-of-doors and form their own personal connection with nature. We are increasing public awareness of the importance of that connection to a teenager’s mental and physical well-being as we battle against Nature-Deficit Disorder.

Teens To Trails is increasing the number of high school communities offering Outing Club programs, making safe outdoor experiences available to teens throughout Maine.  Through a written Start-Up Guide for new Clubs, safety training for leaders, access to proper equipment, assistance with transportation costs, mentors for teens, leadership recognition, and development of a “Teens Care” service initiative, Teens To Trails will ensure that every Maine teen has the chance to get outside, feel safe and grow.  Over 25 high school Outing Clubs participated in our “At the Trailhead” Kick-Off Conference ’07 held at Windham High School that began a tradition of gathering Maine’s many outdoor “experts” together with Outing Club teens and Advisors to share their passion for the outdoors.  Even more teens attended and more schools were represented at the next T3 “Gotta Get Out!” Conference ’08.  Join us for our biennial T3 “Life Happens Outside!” Conference 2010 on April 3rd. With over 50 interactive workshops to choose from, hallways full of outdoor recreation exhibits, a huge rock wall for climbing, raffles & giveaways, it promises to be another great day.


“T3” recognizes that there is no shortage of wonderful places for teens to explore in Maine. We are building a “network of support” that includes knowledgeable land managers, organizations, colleges, state agencies, Maine Registered Guides, related businesses, and individual enthusiasts – all well-versed in the outdoors. And through this network, we are linking teens to the many Maine people and places available to help them become engaged.
Teens To Trails will act as the umbrella for an association of Outing Club programs tied together for mutual support and sustainability.

We look forward to the day when all teens have access to outdoor experiences, they are healthy & happy, and learning about their natural world while they learn about themselves!


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